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GENUINE RX4 LUCE GR II Rotary Manual Wagon

Special Build Completely Original 1 off Collectors Item THIS CAR IS SOLD  This is the only vehicle of its kind in Australia and is basically unheard of even in Japan where all Mazda are produced. Body is 100% complete, correct and original with correct and original engine. Gearbox is the original 5 speed manual TQ gearbox and is in perfect working order. Mileage is genuine and low with interior still looking fresh with no obvious signs of any wear and tear. Rims are original with correct chrome dress trim and even has original REAPS muffler and exhaust. It still has factory plastic protective covering on the door trim and operational labels attached to certain parts of the vehicle which is incredible as they have remained there for close to 40 years and the factory jack is still wrapped in plastic. The LUCE GR II comes standard with factory air conditioning, power windows and power steering. This was basically unheard of back …

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Renault 5 Turbo 2 – Road version

This beautiful mid-engined rear wheel drive Turbo 2 road going version is in excellent condition and performs as it should. This factory delivered left hand drive in original bright red (rouge #705) and has only covered a mere 112,500 kms. (69,900 miles approximately) This is an extremely rare factory road going version of the famous and highly successful Group B rally cars. The first turbo charged car to win the WRC in early 1980s. Build year for this Turbo 2 is 1985.  It spent the first 7 years of its life in Europe and was then purchased and imported into Japan by Watanabe Motors Co Ltd in March of 1992 and remained there until it was purchased several months ago in Osaka from G Lion Museum Co. Ltd, an Osaka based rare car specialist dealership. A full mechanical inspection, compression test and thorough road testing have been carried out to ensure the car is mechanically without fault.  Clutch, gearbox and …

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