IMG_2427Hi Mark

just to let you know that the RV8 is now on the road with full rego and runs like a dream.  Stuart did a very good  job and I am very happy with it.

Just wondering if you have or can come by a full tonneau cover and if so what cost

Yours   Paul Knight



PICF0118Hi Mark,

Just letting you know I took delivery of the Supra yesterday. It is now undergoing compliance work…

The car is excellent! Easily the best Supra I’ve seen.  Thanks very much for your help in getting the car. One more happy customer….



03 EVO8 REDMark,

Got the Evo 8 engineers signed off last week, drove the car for the first time more or less. Fantastic. Just thought i would let you know i am very happy with it.

1 other quick question, AE86′s, i know there a cult car in japan but wondering if any good examples come up, either modified or stock and how much they would cost.
Good friend of mine wants one and finding it hard to get in Australia.         Cheers, Evan


Tommy Kaira GTRHi Mark,

Finally got to pick up my GTR today on the way to compliancing – it’s in an amazing condition, I’m very impressed. Thanks a lot.

Anyway, Zoran from the compliancers asked about the deregistration papers for the car. I haven’t received any such papers from anyone so far, just wondering if you’d be able to chase them up from me?

Cheers,  Vijay