An insight into MHSV

View an insight into MHSV and our process though the following info pack.

An insight into MHSV through:

- Auction reports
- Major tuning shops – Top Secret
- Shipping and handling
- Modified/track cars
- Dealerships and private sales
- Comprehensive vehicle inspections by mechanically qualified inspectors

Auction report

Auction report

Mark has established relationships with major Japanese tuning shops

Shibuki-san - managing director of Top Secret in Tokyo

GTR and Type R fully tuned Top Secret track cars

Shipping and handling notes

Car in a container

Car wheel strapped in container

Note about highly modified cars

Car engine

Cars at race track

Notes on dealership and private sales

Auction report

Auction report

Notes on attention to detail

Car being inspected

Internal section of car

Notes on classic cars

Car on a trailer

Front view of car

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